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Dr. Heather Cawthon

Professional Counselor Supervisor

LPC-S in Texas, USA

License No. : 63776

EMDR Certified

Certified Level II Restoration Therapist

Experience : 15 years

Course fee:
RM1,200.00 (per hour)
(Only applicable to online telehealth sessions, no physical in Malaysia)
Language: English

A Bit About Me

Dr. Heather Cawthon, a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor in Irving, Texas, holds a Ph.D. in Marriage and Family Therapy, specializing in Restoration Therapy. 

She is in an Adjunct Faculty at Southern Methodist University and Dallas Baptist University, where she teaches a range of counseling courses. Dr. Cawthon operates the private practice Cultivate Healing. She has held leadership roles at organizations like The Turning Point Rape Crisis Center and Behavioral Health Connections. 


With certifications including EMDR and Level II Restoration Therapist, Dr. Cawthon is an active member of professional associations and a published author in marriage and family therapy.

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