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Sha'ari Bin Ahmad

Senior Licensed Counselor

ID: KB08224, PA07813

Masters of Health Science
(Health Psychology)

National University of Malaysia (UKM)

Experience : 5
.5 years

Psychotherapy fee:
RM300.00 (per hour)
Assessment Consultation fee : RM300.00 (per hour)
(Applicable Physical & online telehealth sessions in Malaysia)
Language: Malay & English

A Bit About Me

His currently serving as a Registered Counselor at Process Psychology Center, his journey in counseling has taken him to various settings, including Talian Kasih, where he served as a Counselor, and University Kebangsaan Malaysia, where he contributed as a Research Assistant. 

He also gained valuable experience as a Trainee Counsellor at Machang Prison. Sha'ari's areas of specialization encompass providing essential support to individuals, couple and families dealing with a wide range of mental health challenges.. 

Additionally, Sha'ari offers valuable guidance in the Career domain, helping individuals navigate academic issues, career choices, career assessments, personality exploration, work-related challenges, and self-development.

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