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Cheng Yee Ching

Registered Clinical Psychologist

ID: MSCP (CP5-0053)
Master in Clinical Psychology
UCSI University

Experience : 2
.5 years

Psychotherapy fee: RM250.00 (per hour)
Assessment Consultation fee: 
RM300.00 (per hour)
(Applicable Physical & online telehealth sessions in Malaysia)
Language: Mandarin & English

A Bit About Me

Her currently serving as a full-time Clinical Psychologist at Process Psychology Centre, she has a strong foundation in the field, including invaluable training experiences at CPC International Sdn. Bhd, ATFAL JANNAH Psychology and Rehabilitation Centre, and UCSI University's Psychology and Counselling Centre. 

Her field experience shines in conducting comprehensive psychological assessments for individuals of all ages, identifying a spectrum of psychological disorders. 

Her therapeutic focus extends to conducting individual and group psychotherapy sessions and more. Utilizing a versatile approach encompassing multiple treatment modalities, she ensures tailored support for her clients. 

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