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Making Notes

Our Story

You are the expert of yourself and you are a work in progress!

People are more willing to see helping professionals nowadays for their mental needs, regardless their ethnic groups and religious beliefs. In our experience, however, people coming for help usually have one thing in common; they are glum and lack of confidence when they first walk into the room. It may not be difficult for us to make an educated guess about the reason why they are looking for help. Yet, what should people “EXPECT” or “IMAGINE” before talking to a mental health professional in person?
Different therapists and counselors have different approaches. People may not get what they expect to get or what they used to get when sharing their difficulties with a therapist or counselor. The fact is, there is no perfect or ideal approach for mental health professionals when dealing with people’s difficulties. In addition, different therapists and counselors feel comfortable to work with different age groups. Thus, finding a good match may be the most crucial factor that people should take it into consideration when looking for a therapist or counselor for themselves or their beloved ones.
We believe the best of people. We believe people want to feel good and know how to make it happen. However, we do understand sometimes people get confused and stuck at some point in life as well. That is why we always want to listen to our clients, for we want to ensure nothing is overlooked by us and our clients. Namely, we want our clients to realize: We are here to help and you are the expert of yourself. Let’s work as a team!
Certainly, some of our clients question how they would know the solutions of their difficulties. We bet you may have the same question when reading the last two sentences of the above paragraph. So, let us share a common scene in the playroom with you. Our therapists and counselors have helped over a thousand kids in different places and countries. We have also treated kids from abusive families by utilizing play therapy to work on their traumas. When these kids step into the playroom, it is common for them taking care of the dolls or their play themes involve self-care. How old are those kids? The answer could be as young as 3 or 4 years old. Imagine that, a 3-year old knows how to nurture himself/herself or self-regulate, and you are wondering whether or not you know the solutions of your difficulties? As mentioned above, you must get stuck at some point and disregard the abilities you were born with!
Moreover, we view the client-therapist relationship importantly, for our therapists and counselors do care about their clients and it directly determines the treatment effectiveness. In fact, our clients always have good professional rapports with us because our clients understand we are not a teacher, police officer, or judge via the interaction between them and us. You never need to please us and we are more like your friends who encourage you to never give up. Attention, unconditional positive regard, and empathy are promised in the session. We love to describe ourselves as a work in progress because we never stop learning and developing. Also, we hope our clients seeing themselves as a work in progress too; You are “NOT” done yet and you “WILL” work through your challenges!

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