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HP/ WhatsApp No: 012-3764588

Attention to all students and those from lower socioeconomic status!

Get a 40% - 80% Discount!

Hey everyone, PPC can help you! As long as you have a referral letter provided by a government hospital or clinic, you can apply for a discount of up to 60% - 80% for our sessions. For students, just send us your student ID and a referral letter from the university/college's teaching staffs and counselling department, and you are eligible to get up to 40% discount for your sessions.

Interested or have questions? Whatsapp us now at 012-3764588 or click the icon below to schedule an appointment!

(No referral letter? No worries! Contact us, and we will always find a way to help you!)

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PPC Team

What assures Excellence in our service?

Main team

Our team of practitioners boasts an impressive level of qualification, marked by their extensive experience and a commitment to continuous improvement. To ensure the highest standards of service, our practitioners engage in regular advanced training and receive ongoing supervision from licensed U.S. professors on a monthly basis. This dedication to professional development and expertise reflects our unwavering commitment to providing you with nothing short of exceptional service and care.

International Reach

Globe map

As an international organization with current overseas branches and plans to further expand, we bring cultural competency, multilingual proficiency, and enhanced problem-solving to provide you with the service you deserve.



Our practitioners practice under the supervision and guidance of our expert clinical consultants from the US & Taiwan. This maintains and improves the quality of our service, enabling our clients to reap the most benefit from our services.



Our services are enriched by the diverse backgrounds of our practitioners, enabling us to greater foster empathy, tailored treatments, and a more inclusive clinical environment.

Our Expert Consultants

Dr. Heather Cawthon

LPC-S in Texas, USA

License No. : 63776

EMDR Certified

Certified Level II Restoration Therapist


Dr. Mary L. Becerril

LPC-S in Texas, USA

License No. : 16282

LMFT Certified

License No. : 4916

Registered Play Therapist (RPT)

License No. : 3787


Ivan Wang Ying-Jung

LPC in Texas, USA

License No. : 76539

National Level-2 Counselor, PRC

License No. : 1013000008200270

6401666793f9d500322b7711 (1).jpg

Dr. Chang Han-Zhang


MD Certified

(Kaohsiung Medical University) in Taiwan


Our Professional Clinical Team

Nur Syazera Binti Shamsul

Registered Clinical Psychologist

ID: MAHCP(CP)00208

Masters in Clinical&Counseling Psychology

International Islamic University Malaysia

Team Member

Sha'ari Bin Ahmad

ID: KB08224, PA07813

Licensed Senior Counselor

Masters of Health Science

(Health Psychology)

National University of Malaysia (UKM)


Cheng Yee Ching

Registered Clinical Psychologist

ID: MSCP (CP5-0053)

Master in Clinical Psychology

UCSI University

Yee Ching .jpg

Jackie Yong

ID: KB08800/PA08404

Licensed Counselor

Masters in Counseling 

HELP University


Pavithra Saraswathy

ID: KB10222, PA09826

Licensed Counselor

Masters in Counseling 

Open University Malaysia


Leong Kah Man

ID: KB10707/PA10306

Licensed Counselor

Bachelor of Psychological Counseling 

University Malaysia Sabah

Kar man (1).jpg

Maisarah binti Mohd

ID: KB10224, PA09828

Licensed Counselor

Masters in Counseling 

University of Malaya

Maisarah (1).jpg

Muhammad Shafiq B.
Mt Kamil

ID: KB11076/PA10683

Licensed Counselor

Master in Counseling 

Sains University of Malaysia (USM)

Shafaq (1).jpg

Fatin Najihah Binti Mohamad Fozi

ID: KB10152 PA09936

Licensed Counselor

Master of Counseling in Family Counseling

Islamic Science University of Malaysia (USIM)

Fadin (1).jpg
Why We Need Psychological Assessment

Click on the video to learn more about the procedure of a psychological assessment!

How to Comfort Someone

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You’re Always Welcomed
at Process Psychology Center

Quality Psychotherapy You Can Trust

Provide Quality and Reliable Mental Health Service for All Age Groups and Populations


Approaches We Use

  • Person Centered Therapy (PCT)

  • Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT)

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

  • Dialectic Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

  • Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT)

  • Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP) 

  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

  • Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy

  • Psychodynamic therapy 

  • Gestalt therapy 

  • Reality Therapy 

  • Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing Therapy 

  • Play therapy

  • Emotional-Focused Therapy

  • Emotional-Focused Couple Therapy

  • Psychological First Aid

  • Internal Family System Therapy 

  • Existential Therapy 

  • Transactional Analysis Therapy 

  • Adlerian Therapy

  • Restoration Therapy 

  • Art Therapy

  • Career Guidance 

  • Bowen Family Therapy

  • Structural Family Therapy

  • Exposure therapy

  • Interpersonal psychotherapy

  • Group therapy

  • Psychoanalysis

  • Solutions-focused brief therapy

  • Transformational Systemic Therapy 

Our Services

For Adults

Whether you're facing specific challenges or simply looking to enhance your emotional and psychological health, our tailored assessments and therapeutic interventions are here to empower you on your path to a happier and more fulfilling life.


For Children/Family

We provide expert assessments and evidence-based therapies tailored to the specific needs of each child and family. Whether it is addressing childhood challenges, family dynamics, or developmental concerns, we are here to support and empower you.

Child Therapy

For Companies

Through our therapeutic interventions with  employees, we help companies invest in the mental health of their teams which fosters a healthier work environment to achieve greater success, employee satisfaction, and overall organizational growth.


Professional Training Courses our Practitioners have undergone:

Team meeting
  • Proven approaches for attachment issues, addiction, abuse and more (EFT, Addiction Treatment, Attachment, Intimacy)

  • Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP) Intensive Training

  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Training for Children and Adolescents

  • Internal Family Systems (IFS) Training

  • Modified EMDR and Parts Work Treating Complex PTSD

  • Telehealth Mastery Training

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